Apostille of the Ministry of Education (MES)

On this site, you can directly order an apostille for any documents of the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) for higher education, colleges, masters, bachelors, doctors, candidates of sciences, namely, diplomas, certificates, supplements to diplomas and certificates, certificates of complete or incomplete secondary education, transcripts, transcripts of grades, points for the semester, study plans, training programs, certificates of completion of a certain number of classes and other other documents of the Ministry of Education.


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Apostille for educational documents can be applied to various categories of documents confirming the competence or level of education of an individual that were issued by accredited institutions - state bodies, enterprises and organizations belonging to the field of education and science. Such documents can be - certificates and certificates of graduation from educational institutions, diplomas of masters, bachelors of education, diplomas of scientific degrees (doctor, candidate), certificates of awarding scientific titles.


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Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. Kyiv City Notary District.

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